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New! Nigerian Quotes

Introducing a new addition to the Gallery section: Nigerian Quotes!  Here you'll find uplifting and interesting quotes made by Nigerians.

First off is the quote by the first and only Prime Minister of an Independent Nigeria - Alhaji Sir Abubuakar Tafawa Balewa:
"It is only on that basis of equality that peace can be maintained in our continent."
This is from the speech he delivered at the United Nations General Assembly on the 7th of October, 1960, less than a week after Nigeria became an independent country.

The full transcript of his speech can be found here.

Also in the gallery is a quote by Mrs Hafsat Abiola-Costello, the Founder & President of the Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND).

"Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports everyone."
She also added
 "But it is also securing the space for others to contribute the best that they have and all that they are."…

Gallery: Goat, Lag Aerial & 3rd Mainland

In the galleries this week, not quite a mountain goat seen in Abuja, an aerial photograph taken within Lagos state, and a great view of the Third Mainland Bridge.

The "little-mountain" goat photo is in the Fauna Gallery, while the 3rd Mainland Bridge and aerial photos have been added to the Man-made Structures, LandscapesGallery.

Photo Credit: Aerial Lagos: airpanther ; Goat: Jeff Attaway; Third Mainland Bridge: dotun55   (all [cc by 2.0] )

Gallery: Butterfly, Agama & Hello Yola

In the galleries this week, a beautiful butterfly seen near Ibadan, a warm welcome wish at the Yola entrance, and the "black and gold" coloured Agama lizard, known for often nodding its head for no apparent reason. It could agree with you about almost anything !

The butterfly and lizard photos are in the Fauna Gallery and the Yola entrance photo has been added to the  Man-made Structures, Landscapes Gallery.

Photo Credit:  Butterfly: Malcolm Manners [cc by 2.0] ; Agama lizard:  Shardayyy [cc by 2.0]; Main Entrance to Yola: Nwuanyi  [cc by sa 2.0] .

Gallery: Carp, Sheraton & Firewood

New to the galleries this week:  A school of carp fish in the Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos, a lovely black and white snapshot of firewood taken in Abuja and a perspective of the Sheraton Hotel, also in Abuja.

The Carp Fish photo has been added to the Flora gallery, the Firewood photo has been added to the Fauna Gallery and the Sheraton photo can be viewed in the Man-made Structures, Landscapes Gallery!

Photo Credit: Carp Fishery by dotun55; Firewood and Sheraton Jeff Attaway [cc by 2.0]

Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) "Zobo" Plant

The Roselle plant is used to make Zobo, a delicious drink. This photo has been added to the Floragallery!

Photo Credit: Jeremy Weate [cc by 2.0]

Dalla Hill, Kano

Here is a view of Kano as seen from Dalla Hill. The photo has been added to the  Man-made Structures, Landscapes Gallery!

Photo Credit: Eugene Kim[cc by 2.0]

Horse, Abuja

This (almost smiling?) horse was photographed in Abuja and the photo has been added to the Fauna gallery!

Photo Credit: e.r.w.i.n.[cc by 2.0]

Palm Trees Abuja

This photo depicting  Palm Trees was taken in Abuja and has been added to the Flora gallery!

Photo Credit: Bryn Pinzgauer [cc by 2.0]

Bridge, Niger River

A view of the Bridge over the Niger into Onitsha. The photo has been added to the Man-made Structures, Landscapes Gallery!

Photo Credit: Shiraz Chakera [cc by sa 2.0]

Emir's Palace Gate, Kano

The Gate to the Emir's Palace in Kano. This photo has been added to the Man-made Structures, Landscapesgallery!

Photo Credit: Shiraz Chakera [cc by SA 2.0]

Rice Paddy Fields Niger

It's March! Happy New month! These Rice Paddy fields were seen in Niger State. The photo has been added to the Flora gallery!

Photo Credit:  Jeremy Weate [cc by 2.0]

Online Games Design update!

Last week, all the pages from the home page to the online games underwent a design update, some more major than others!
In the earlier post announcing the Yoruba version of Vocabmix, I mentioned that Naijabranch has had a bit of a revamp, not least the addition of a dedicated mobile site.
After getting feedback (some of it here) about Vocabmix (Yoruba) I made some changes to the puzzle and also decided to give the whole website (including the mobile site) another makeover. Most of the changes involved page backgrounds
Shapeymix (Nigeria)  Before
Shapeymix (Nigeria)  Now!
The de-cluttering of buttons was an additional focus for the Vocabmix games.

Vocabmix (Yoruba) Before

Vocabmix (Yoruba) Now!
If you are using the Chrome mobile browser,  you'll also notice that the title bar has a new chocolate colour!
The blog also got a slight makeover (fewer header links).
Hope you like the updated site!

New Home Page 
Your feedback is important because it helps to know what is and isn't workin…

Koi, Lagos

The koi fish is a type of carp that that is often found in water gardens or koi ponds. These koi fishes were seen in the Lekki Conservation Centre lily pond.  The photos have added to the Fauna gallery!
Photo Credit: [dotun55cc by 2.0]

Palm Fronds

By day or night there's no mistaking these unique and beautiful palm fronds! The photos have been added to the Flora gallery!

If you stare at the night-time frond photo long enough, do the leaves appear to shrink?

Photo Credit: dotun55 [cc by 2.0]

Ship, Niger Dock

Here's a ship having a rest at the Niger Dock, Lagos!  It can be seen in the Man-made Structures, Landscapes Gallery!

Photo Credit: Carey Akin [cc by sa 2.0]

Vocabmix (Yoruba) is now Live on!

Vocabmix is also now available in Yoruba!

Indeed the whole website has had a bit of a revamp!   The blog  has a new look and address: ( There's also now a dedicated mobile site for phones, while you can still continue to access the main site from your tablet or laptop.

(You can only still get the additional wind turbine level on Google Play though).

Don't forget to check out the galleries too!

Have fun while learning!

Coming soon Vocabmix (Yoruba)

Vocabmix (Yoruba) is coming very soon to!

Kwa Falls + Happy New Year!

It's 2016! Happy New Year!  Are you making any new year resolutions? Perhaps one of them could include visiting the beautiful Kwa falls which are in Cross River State. This photo has been added to theNatural Structures, Landscapesgallery!

Expect more growth and improvement from Naijabranch this year. Beautiful pictures will continued to be added to the galleries, and the games will continued to be improved on. One example: Vocabmix will be made available in more Nigerian languages!

Here's wishing you a great year!

Photo Credit: Shiraz Chakera [cc by sa 2.0]