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Gallery: Butterfly, Agama & Hello Yola

In the galleries this week, a beautiful butterfly seen near Ibadan, a warm welcome wish at the Yola entrance, and the "black and gold" coloured Agama lizard, known for often nodding its head for no apparent reason. It could agree with you about almost anything !

The butterfly and lizard photos are in the Fauna Gallery and the Yola entrance photo has been added to the  Man-made Structures, Landscapes Gallery.

Photo Credit:  Butterfly: Malcolm Manners [cc by 2.0] ; Agama lizard:  Shardayyy [cc by 2.0]; Main Entrance to Yola: Nwuanyi  [cc by sa 2.0] .

Gallery: Carp, Sheraton & Firewood

New to the galleries this week:  A school of carp fish in the Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos, a lovely black and white snapshot of firewood taken in Abuja and a perspective of the Sheraton Hotel, also in Abuja.

The Carp Fish photo has been added to the Flora gallery, the Firewood photo has been added to the Fauna Gallery and the Sheraton photo can be viewed in the Man-made Structures, Landscapes Gallery!

Photo Credit: Carp Fishery by dotun55; Firewood and Sheraton Jeff Attaway [cc by 2.0]