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Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) "Zobo" Plant

The Roselle plant is used to make Zobo, a delicious drink. This photo has been added to the Floragallery!

Photo Credit: Jeremy Weate [cc by 2.0]

Dalla Hill, Kano

Here is a view of Kano as seen from Dalla Hill. The photo has been added to the  Man-made Structures, Landscapes Gallery!

Photo Credit: Eugene Kim[cc by 2.0]

Horse, Abuja

This (almost smiling?) horse was photographed in Abuja and the photo has been added to the Fauna gallery!

Photo Credit: e.r.w.i.n.[cc by 2.0]

Palm Trees Abuja

This photo depicting  Palm Trees was taken in Abuja and has been added to the Flora gallery!

Photo Credit: Bryn Pinzgauer [cc by 2.0]

Bridge, Niger River

A view of the Bridge over the Niger into Onitsha. The photo has been added to the Man-made Structures, Landscapes Gallery!

Photo Credit: Shiraz Chakera [cc by sa 2.0]

Emir's Palace Gate, Kano

The Gate to the Emir's Palace in Kano. This photo has been added to the Man-made Structures, Landscapesgallery!

Photo Credit: Shiraz Chakera [cc by SA 2.0]

Rice Paddy Fields Niger

It's March! Happy New month! These Rice Paddy fields were seen in Niger State. The photo has been added to the Flora gallery!

Photo Credit:  Jeremy Weate [cc by 2.0]