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Yola Bridge, Adamawa

It seems a bit quiet on the Yola bridge Road, Adamawa state.  You may have had a quiet year, a busy one, or a combination of both. Whatever the case, as you cross the bridge connecting 2015 and 2016 here's hoping you've been able to count your blessings this year, and that the next year will be even greater!

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Photo Credit: Nwuanyi[cc by sa 2.0]


Have you heard of Tectona grandis? It is the source of teak wood.

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Photo Credit: Malcolm Manners[cc by 2.0]

The Central Bank of Nigeria

The Central Bank of Nigeria Headquarters, Abuja.

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Photo Credit:  chippla  [Public domain]

Ryom Rocks, Jos

Ryom Rocks, Jos.

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Photo Credit:  Jeremy Weate [cc by 2.0]


A Steganocerus multipunctatus or you could just call it a Ladybird bug for short.

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Photo Credit: dotun55 [cc by 2.0]

Roses, Jos

Roses in the Felak garden,  Jos.

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Photo Credit:  Jeremy Weate [cc by 2.0]

Lagos Marina

Lagos Marina.

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Photo Credit: Stefan Magdalinski  [cc by 2.0]

Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock, Niger.

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Photo Credit: Jeff Attaway[cc by 2.0]

Dont look down!

Oh no wait the baboon did look down!  What could this wonderful creature have seen that made it ponder the meaning of life and then scamper back up a tree looking grim? These photos were taken at the Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos and have been added to the Faunagallery!

Photo Credit: Clara Sanchiz/RNWcc


Here's a praying mantis playing Peekaboo!

Photo Credit: Malcolm Mannerscc

National Arts Theatre, Lagos

The National Arts Theatre, Iganmu Lagos.

Photo Credit: Bruno Chatelincc

Gurara Falls, Niger

Happy new month! It's the last one of 2015. Enjoy the views of Gurara Falls, Niger State while you contemplate whether you can still achieve your 2015 Year resolution(s)!

Photo Credit Mark Hillary and  Jeff Attaway cc