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Camel at the Jos Museum Zoo

Camel at the Jos Museum zoo, looking bewildered?

Photo Credit: Paul Scott cc

Dragonfly, Epe, Lagos

A photo of a dragonfly taken in Epe, Lagos

Photo Credit: dotun55cc

Aerial view, Lagos Island

Aerial shots of Lagos Island, Lagos State.

Photo Credit: "island" and "parks and port" by dotun55 cc

Seen on the Road to Abuja

These stunning rock formations were seen on the road to Abuja. They are located somewhere between Jos and Abuja.

Photo Credit: Andrew Moorecc

Phase 2 Begins: The Galleries

In the very first Naijabranch blog post I mentioned how the aim was for Naijabranch to keep you connected to Nigeria using educational games in the first instance.

I'm happy to announce the next way Naijabranch will keep you connected to Naija: using stunning galleries! Starting from Friday the 27th of November, curated pictures highlighting different aspects of Nigeria will be published on the blog. Expect natural landscapes, flora, fauna, man-made structures and more......

The Naija discovery continues!

Photo Credit:Aso Rock by Jeff Attaway cc

Improve your Naija Knowledge

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